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April 1965. At the age of 96 and completely ruined, Carolina Otero, who was once considered one of the most famous artists of the Belle Époque, is shut away from the world in a small, humble room in Nice. There she lives surrounded by memories and ghosts visiting her to remind that everything in her life has been achieved through lies and it is now time to pay the price. Determined to resist, she will face them as if it were a great game. Staunch defender of her own achievements, she will now make her last bet: she will be dead that very evening, because she has so decided.

BELLA is a show that relates to the lights and shadows of Carolina Otero, nicknamed Bella Otero, one of the best-known artists and courtesans of the Belle Époque. She built a whole past through inventions which would generate a legend around her person. Important celebrities of the time –kings, tycoons, artists,…- were among her lovers. She amassed an immense fortune made up of money and jewels given by her lovers, which she squandered in casinos as a result of her fondness for gambling.

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produccion@nexoteatro.com | 616263185 (Ricardo Padilla)
Dramatic monologue
Duration of the show: 1h., 20min.
nexoteatro@nexoteatro.com | Tlfs.: 944078850 / 616263185 | 2016